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Appreciation for TEC Services

Here's what some parents, students, and clients have to say about their experience with TEC services.

“I like going into the community and working at Big Lots is fun!”

Family of S. R., CBVI client

“TEC is smaller and you get more attention than from my home school”

A. W., TEC Education Center student

“The TEC Education Center helped me a lot because the teachers and job coaches were always there for me when I needed them. The smaller environment helped with my anxiety.”

A. C., former TEC Education Center student

“All parts of the TEC program were helpful to me!”

J. A., former FCBHA Supported Employment client

“TEC has a very good Employment Specialist who always makes me feel comfortable and they are easy to work with. I appreciate all that they have done for me!”

H. R., BHDS Supported Employment client

“TEC was helpful in getting me employment, and I would highly recommend them to others.”

M. S., former BHDS Supported Employment client

“TEC was wonderful in helping my son obtain just the right job.”

Family of B.K., parent of an ID Supported Employment client

“Everything was helpful from start to finish.”

Reese W., former Paid Work Experience client

“I am really happy with TEC services. I feel my daughter benefited from TEC services and going into the community.”

Family of S. R., parent of a Transition from School to Work, CVBI client

“My son has gotten much better at conversations with people. TEC has been such a god sent to not just my son, but to our family!”

Family of A. C., parent of a TEC Education Center student