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WBLE Program

Student Services

What is a WBLE? Work Based Learning Experiences are for students that are eligible or potentially eligible for services with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR). These experiences are very similar to internships and are conducted for a total of 90 hours. The students are paid an hourly stipend for working their 90 hours by TEC. The student will be supervised 100% of the time during the 90 hours of work experience by a TEC Job Coach. TEC is an OVR provider for Work Based Learning Experiences. Work Based Learning Experiences are available to students in Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties.

Community Based Vocational Instructional Program (CBVI)

Community-Based Vocational Instructional Program is a Community based program that provides local students with disabilities the opportunity to gain work experience and skills through volunteering in various community volunteer sites. The students are supported by our team of Job Coaches while volunteering. There are both full day and half day options available to best meet the needs of the students.

CBVI Brochure 11-2017.pdf

TEC Education Center is a Private Academic School that is licensed by the PA State Board of Private Academic Schools. This school provides academics and transition services to special education students that are referred by local public schools. TEC Education Center is a unique school that exhibits a positive learning environment, while teaching hands-on work skills, and core academics. The primary goal is to meet the individual needs of its students and help them become productive members of society.

TEC Education Center Brochure 11-2017.pdf