Behavioral Health Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program's purpose is to increase employment opportunities for individuals with behavioral health needs and to develop collaborative working relations with both community employers and organizations in Fayette and Washington Counties, Pennsylvania.  Services are provided according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Evidence-Based Practice Toolkit Guidelines. Individuals are referred by Base Service Units contracted with both the Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration and the Washington County Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

Washington County BHDS Supported Employment Program:                MH SE BHDS Brochure 10-2018.pdf

Fayette County Supported Employment Program: 

TEC SE Fayette 10-2018.pdf

Washington Photo Driver's License Identification Center

Adult Services Programs

Behavioral Health Evidence-Based Supported Employment Programs

Washington Photo Driver’s License Identification Center provides gainful employment for at least six individuals.  TEC is under contract with UniqueSource Inc., to manage the Photo Technicians at the Washington, PA Driver’s License Center. 


The TEC/OVR Program provides job finding and job support services to individuals with disabilities who have been referred by the Washington  District Offices of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).   We provide services in Washington, Fayette and Greene Counties.

TEC/OVR Supported Employment Programs:

Washington and Green County: OVR SE Brochure 10-2018.pdf 

Fayette County: ​ TEC SE-OVR Fayette 10-2018.pdf